America Deserves a Raise

Let's get it together.

Technology to organize before they can stop it.

Sign your union card online.
It's easy.   And private.

Step 1. Choose your company.

Currently, we’re organizing workers at Walmart, Chipotle, Target, Whole Foods, Starbucks, Home Depot and Menards.

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Step 2. Sign your union card online.

Let represent you in negotiations about wages, benefits, hours and working conditions.

We won't settle for less than $15/hour
Step 3. Organize in clusters.

Once 30% of each store in your cluster signs up, union cards are submitted to the National Labor Relations Board.

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Step 4. Stand together.

If your store elects to represent it, we’ll negotiate for higher wages, stable hours, and better benefits. If necessary, we’ll strike.

They won't give us justice without a fight

A better life starts here.

Select your company to learn more about just wages and stable hours.


Organize in big clusters, strike in large numbers.

Your money. Your privacy.

Your money.

Your privacy.

We won't seek dues until you are making at least $15/hour.

We’re a non-profit, not a business. We seek to fund our operations through private donations, not member dues.

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We only disclose your union status to the NLRB.

We won't disclose your information to anyone but the National Labor Relations Board. Period.

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End poverty wages – one company at a time.